Sunday, September 13, 2009

ManGA anD AniMe

My BLog Iss about The ManGa and AniMe
Do YoU knoW aBoUt ANIme aNd MAnga?????!
Manga is abOut comIc thAt YoU ReaD
ANime Is ABOut the FiLm oF MaNga

You ThinK tHey arE the SaMe, but it"s Diffrent
EvEn SO MaNga can Be as GOOd as ANimE

That PiCtuRe is thE EyEs for AnIme
AniMe is color FULL
MaNga is bl\acK and WH=iteThis PICtuRe is one Of tHe Anim//e thAt I like.
Magis ter NEGI MAGI. The ReAl AniMe is Not ReAolly Good, but the Manga is betteR than the Anim for ThIs.

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